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The UK Handcycling Association
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Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th june – Handcycle ’fest’, Ayesbury, Bucks. An action packed weekend, starting with our own ’have a go’ day on the Saturday, followed by the Wheelpower Tour de Vale on the Sunday.

Where would you like to go today?

  • Handcycle Trees
  • Hand Cycle on the Snow
  • Handcycle Offroad Summer
  • HandCycle Seaview Touring
  • Handcycles Racing Palm Trees
  • HandCycles Racing Track
  • Hills Handcycles summertime

Above all, HandCycling is fun. So go on, get on your handbike and come join us!

The Handcycling Association of The UK (HandcyclingUK) is a charity (Reg no: 1096646) that promotes handcycling as a sport and as a recreational activity. Handbiking is great exercise and helps keep you in good physical shape. You can be as competitive as you like or just ride your hand bike socially with your family and friends.
We support handcycle racing in Britain and in Europe, British handcyclists are pioneering downhill and other scary off-road activities and we organise our own longer distance road riding events where a group of hand cyclists will meet up for a ride. You can find more information on the Racing, Off Road or On the Road pages.

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Taster Days

Taster Days

We organise regular handcycle weekends at Stoke Mandeville, a fabulous opportunity to try a handcycle, each year they're a great success.

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Looking to get more out of your HandCycling? Take a look at becoming a member, not only will you be supporting us, there's a whole range of member benefits too.

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Got that competitive spirit? Or would just like to have a ride out with other cyclists or handcyclists? Check out our events page.

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Off Road


We need your help! HCAUK is a small charity that strives to provide a route into disability cycling for the young, the old, male and female riders. Would you like to help raise money for us?

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My new bike all ready for the London-Amsterdam bike ride for SIA
Thanx to Draft Wheelchairs

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I've been doing a lot of cycling on my top end force 2 recently and there is some bumpy roads which I have to go down to get to New Forest. The support for sliding the seat is broken. Could a welder fix this? Or will I need to do something else?

Photo on the right shows where it should be positioned


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